GNZ Newsletter

August 2018

From the president

Welcome to the August GNZ newsletter.

Firstly, thanks for all the positive feedback regards my first newsletter in this new format, it's nice to know that it is being viewed and enjoyed.

Some of the feedback was, who are you? Can we have an intro please? Even though I have been around the gliding scene for a while now not everybody knows me of course, so here goes with a bit of an intro.

I’m a proud member of the Auckland Aviation Sports Club. That’s the gliding club located on the Air Force base at Whenuapai. I’ve been flying gliders since 1989 after soloing on an ATC gliding camp at Hobsonville, back when that was still an airfield and not another suburb of Auckland. I enjoy instructing, competition, distance and adventure flying.

I have a young family and am lucky enough to enjoy fantastic support from them whenever we go on a gliding adventure, be it local or further afield.

My lovely wife is Lisa whom many of you will know. Best crew ever! Has previously retrieved me from a paddock whilst almost 9 months pregnant, using the pram as a wing stand while our 2 year old played nearby in the long grass. Legend!

Now a bit older, my two kids Fraser & Grace. Interested in cars and drawing but still happy to help crew.

Now before you get too bored it's time for a video. Flying Auckland's West Coast is one of my favourite things, so below is a video with a great perspective, showing what it's all about. Enjoy!

Yours in the name of gliding fun

Steve Wallace

GNZ President

Steve & Tim Westcoastin'

Another question I was asked in the feedback received was, what are your goals and KPI's for your term as president?

For me it's quite simple. It is facilitating the building of a sustainable membership. 1,000+ is the goal. Achieved via smarter, more focused clubs that have a real understanding of what they need to be doing to attract new and to retain their existing members. So what do we need to be doing? Well, according to the results of the Sport NZ, Voice of the Participant survey and the regional workshops, organised and analysed by our marvellous Marketing Officer, Brian Sharpe, there are 21 valuable insights identified as things we can do better. Brian is now chair of the newly formed Membership Development Committee who will be guiding both the GNZ Exec and all clubs on the actions we need to be taking with respect to these 21 insights. If you are involved, I ask that you welcome Brian and his team with open minds, open hearts and a view to wanting to know more about what you and your club can do to make our sport better for everyone.

The future of our sport depends on it. Quiet literally.

the future faces of our sport


Update: Kiwis take flight to escape the NZ winter

Yip, it's winter and while lots of really cool flying is still happening in NZ a few kiwis have been and are, testing their skills on the other side of the world. The 'cover' photo for this newsletter is that of Alex McCaw and Mike Oakley on a trip around the Matterhorn. Nick Oakley, Warren and Dane Dickinson, Ben Flewitt, John Gorringe, Terry Delore and Jamie Halstead, are just a few of the kiwis that I know of (thanks to the power of social media) that are doing some amazing flying overseas this summer. If you want to keep up with what's going on, if you haven't already, make sure you like the GNZ Facebook page.

And of course we are immensely proud of Pat Driessen who is currently representing New Zealand in the 18m class at the 35th World Gliding Championships in Hosin, Czech Republic. You can check out what's going on at the website here, or you can keep up with the latest scores on Soaring Spot. or drop Pat a message of support via the GNZ Facebook page.

Pat Driessen

Upcoming Cool Stuff

Thanks for reading

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