GNZ Newsletter

December 2018

From the president

Welcome to the December GNZ newsletter.

The first half of November was certainly a good one with many exciting flights being achieved, especially in the South, but as can happen with a weather related sport like gliding, the second half of November ain't been so flash.

December is now here however so a new month brings with it new soaring opportunities.

For many work and school will soon be but a memory, for a short while at least, so it is now time to take to the skies and see what you can achieve.

For some it will be a first solo, for others a first cross country, first task or first competition. Others will be eyeing up new ratings, comp placings, epic adventure or record flights.

Whatever you have planned I wish you every success.

Steve Wallace

GNZ President


Max Stevens

Max (GNZ's Executive Officer) for breaking the NZ 300km out & return record with a speed of 200.6 kph

Mike Oakley

For whipping out an early season 1,933km OLC flight. Take-off Omarama 6.45am. Landed, Springfield 8.00pm.

A short delay in getting the details finalised but your chance to spend a day flying with Sebastian Kawa coming your way real soon...

From GNZ's chief IT dude Tim Bromhead

The GNZ glider tracking website has been updated.

The website as well as FLARM tracking, now supports SPOT (NZ&US) as well as cellular trackers, so all aircraft, no matter what device they're using can be tracked on the same map. It also updates live and now has a new 'follow' an aircraft feature.

Being able to track your clubs gliders when they are flying cross country represents a big leap forward in safety, not to mention it's interesting for those on the ground. If your club isn't actively tracking your gliders it's time you were. We have the technology!

Land outs don't get more scenic than this!

What makes you a safe and situationally aware pilot?

Below is an interesting infographic you may want to have a think about.

The Competition Scene

Two comps down already and one postponed.

Congratulations to Keith Essex and David Jensen, 2018 South Island Regional Champions in open and Racing Class respectively.

Youth Glide. What are they up to now...

The famous and some would say infamous Youth Soaring Development Camp held annually at Omarama is on this month!

December 6th to 15th.

I'm looking forward to the stories, photos and videos that will emerge from this event.

SYSDOC "WOMAN'S DREAM TO FLY" Scholarship award recipient's announcement!!!

We were impressed - the calibre of the Sysdoc applications, tells us women’s aviation in NZ has an assured future !

Congratulations to:

$1000 Alexandra Thompson

$600 Amy Smith

$200 Laura Wagstaff

$200 Carmen Haybrittle

$200 Laura Vincent

$1000 to Maria Cramp from the Wellington Club Scholarship fund. 

Please remember the "Youth Dream to fly" scholarships are still open to applications for another couple of weeks... Link below:…/s…/youths-dream-to-fly-scholarship-2018/

Let's be careful out there!

From the "let's be careful out there" files another important tip.

Following on from last months note about selfie sticks out clear view windows we have a plea from another club engineer.

"While we are at it, please DO NOT pull tow releases after tractor ground tows by putting your arm through the clear vision panel, or pressing down on the canopy by looping your hand into the CVP.  I watched as this was done and saw the canopy crack.  Having replaced the canopy on a glider, I can confirm that the all-up cost is at least $10,000".

Thanks for reading

All contributions, pics, videos and opinions welcome