GNZ Newsletter

March 2020

From the president

Welcome to the March GNZ newsletter.

Can you believe it, this great run of gliding weather just keeps going and it seems like this summer / autumn has plenty more yet to give.

Awesome to see you have all been busy making the most of it.

I was very pleased to read the latest report from our hard working Awards Officer, Edouard Devenoges. Highlights of the report were 19 new QGP's, 7 new Silver badges, 2 new Gold badges, 3 Diamond Distance, 1 Diamond Goal, 5 Diamond Height, 3 x Three Diamonds, 1 x 1,000km Diploma, 1 x 1,250km Diploma, 1 x 1,500km Diploma, 7 x NZ Records and potentially 3 x World Records!

Also we can add to the above, 30 x first solos, 6 x first competition awards, 1 x new Senior Offical Observer and 8 x new Official Observers.

What a great result so far for a season that is not yet over!

See you up there because clearly I won't be seeing you on the ground!

Stay high, fly safe.

Steve Wallace

GNZ President


TERRY DELORE (left of pic)- 1,730km declared distance out and return flight in a 15m glider (waiting for confirmation but could be up 3 x FAI World records!)

MAX STEVENS - 1,500km again - because doing it once wasn't enough!

PATRICK LALOR - 5 hours Silver C flight

KIERAN CASSIDY - 4th place, Racing Class, CD comps. His first comp, age 15 and already well ahead of some of the old fellas!

GERALDINE DUMAS - single seat rating


In case you didn't see it...

The TV3 Newshub article in Terry Delore's epic flight.

Online Contest

Glyn Jackson has been thinking...

The equatorial circumference of Earth is 40,075 km.

The diameter of Earth at the equator is  12,756 km.

It would be good recognise the clubs as they achieve these OLC distances.  


June 13 - 14, 2020

The AGM is on the move!

Lock these dates into your diary now!

June 13 - 14, 2020

To make the AGM event more accessible to more pilots, the AGM will now cycle locations through the three regions, Northern, Central and Southern. Kicking the move off will be Taupo, with the AGM being held at the stunning 5 star Hilton Hotel. Built in 1889 but with a modern extension and easy access to all the Taupo attractions from hot pools, to eateries and shopping, this will be one gliding event that both you and your partner will be happy to attend. You can book now at the Hilton by using the link below. Please note Taupo does have many accommodation venues to choose from with options to suit all budgets. Taupo Gliding Club will put you up for just $24 per night or $14 if you bring a tent.

Booking Link:

GNZ Executive Committee

Situations Vacant

This is a heads up that at this year's AGM two executive committee member positions will become vacant.

If you have an interest in contributing at a national level to the administration and strategic direction of gliding in New Zealand then now is the time to start thinking about it. Nominations from clubs will be called for prior to the AGM so that they can be presented and voted on at the AGM.

If you have questions and want to find out more please email


Winching Over Waitangi

It's up and running!

Youth Glide's brand new Skylaunch winch in use at its first event. WOW - Winching Over Waitangi - the weekend that is.

Youth Glide mini camp - Canterbury

I'm going that way... a selction of summer photos

Unstable day in the dry North.

472km OLC in the far North. Great flight Julian Stevens

On the grid with the Devil's steed - Taupo Nationals

What happens when you set a task Taupo to Thames and return

Just happy to be flying again

Post flight analysis


Have a laugh for a good cause

Kevin Clark from the Wellington gliding club has put together a wonderful collection of gliding cartoons from his own hand, along with some light hearted and sometimes historic commentary. He is selling this well presented and professionally published 40 page booklet for just $20 with all proceeds going to Youth Glide. A great gift and a must for your club or home coffee table.

Who's been landing out this month?

Send your photo to

Julian Stevens

Retrieve help Lochlan Stevens

Rob Meili

Mike Strathern

Getting the land outs out of the way before he heads to the Club Class Worlds

John Ahearn

"I landed out at Rangiora, after attempting to cross Cook Straight, and then failing to return to SpringField. Not many land outs have a spare 18m hangar available."

Incident Reports

Nothing to report this month from the Ops Team.

Don't forget a link to the GNZ incident reporting form (OPS 10) can now be found in the very top menu bar on the GNZ homepage, just to the right of the 'Classified Adverts'. You can now fill this form out on your phone at the airfield so no excuses.

OPS 10 link:

Thanks for reading

All contributions, pics, videos and opinions welcome