GNZ Newsletter

May 2021

From the president

Welcome to the May GNZ newsletter.

Well wasn't April a cracker. Some amazing weather to finish off the nominal soaring season. Not that this means there won't be plenty of great soaring flights still to come for 2021!

Highlights for April included, Super Sunday (April 11) in Canterbury, an amazing wave day, Taranaki held an excellent 3 day Youth Glide Camp for 7 keen students, Springfield hosted the annual Aoraki Scout Aviation camp and flew 61 launches in a weekend, Taupo hosted 16 pilots at the last comp of the year - The Great Taupo Easter Bunny Hunt and Tauranga was treated to some stunning April sunset wave flying. The list goes on.

I really don't think it matters what time of year it is, there is always the potential for some amazing flying to be had but you have to be in (or up as the case may be) to win.

Just do it.

Steve Wallace

GNZ President



1st solo and pretty happy about it too. Well done Charlie!


1st solo. Another happy achiever. Nice one Alex!


There is no escaping tradition. 1st solo dunking. Congrats!


First flight in wave in a single seater. Magic!


50km XCP flight, done.

Edumication Slot

Ever wondered what all those lines on the Skew-T Log-P tephigram mean? Well wonder no more as below is a nice video by Bill Palmer explaining all.

Auckland Gliding Club

90 years old

90 years of fun in the sun...

Formed on the 30th April 1931 the Auckland Gliding Club turns 90 years old today (1st May, 2021)

Congratulations Auckland, I hope the party is a good one!

GNZ AGM - June 12 - 13, Wellington

Put these dates in your diary now if you are intending to attend.

ADS-B update

Not there yet but we are getting closer

It has been a long and slow road but the general feeling is that we are getting close to having the CAA approvals needed to both purchase, legally install and have grant applications accepted for ADS-B systems suitable for use in gliders. Ross Gaddes of Sailplane Services has provided the below useful summary as Ross feels now could be a good time for early movers to start considering the option of a this winter install.

ADS-B OUT is a transponder system that has ability to send GPS positions through the normal transponder frequency.  Systems need to be certified and approved.  CAA are offering a grant of $2500 + GST to assist.  It will be mandatory to have ADS-B OUT in most aircraft using Controlled Airspace by the end of December 2022.

ADS-B IN is a system that picks up other transponder signals and displays them inside the aircraft.  It does not need to be certified – similar to FLARM.  Understandably, CAA wants to encourage its use, so they are offering a grant of $500 + GST to assist. It will NOT be mandatory in NZ airspace – similar to FLARM.

To qualify for the grant’s certain conditions need to be met and an application accepted by our CAA.

CAA have indicated they will accept some GPS sources with a lower-level certification for certain aircraft including gliders and motor gliders. Namely the Trig TN72 when coupled with the appropriate transponder (the TT21/22 Mode ‘S’ unit).

The Trig TN72 with TT22 (Class 1, over 15000’) or TT21 (Class 2, 15000’) is a much more suitable GPS source (size mainly) and is way less expensive.

GNZ has applied to have a GNZ Advisory Circular accepted so that fitting the Trig ADS-B units into gliders will be easier and meet the rules requirement. This is under review and there is no date set for the review to be finished or in what form it will take if accepted.

The ADS-B IN grant has been applied for and accepted by a few sailplane owners already.  Mostly using a system that mixes the FLARM and ADS-B onto a single display.  Watch this space as this is a good solution for sailplanes as FLARM is already proven to improve safety and awareness specific to our operational requirements.

Ross Gaddes –Sailplane Services Ltd – NZ agents for Trig

New Brochure

From the membership development team, clubs now have access to a new glossy brochure that can be given out at the field, events or membership drives. The brochure is about A4 in size and folded into thirds with a front and back as can be seen below. There is a blank square where you can place (probably best as a sticker) all you club contact details.

Orders for the brochure can be placed with Brian Sharpe by email:

GNZ Flight Training Programme

Review Panel

The Flight Training Programme Review Panel who are tasked with the continual improvement of our online training system, which has been live for almost a year now, are meeting regularly and are diligently working there way through the 26 significant change requests that are currently logged in the system.

With most clubs now getting to grips with the new system, if you note something that you feel is a minor change that can be dealt with quickly or a significant change that needs consideration by the panel, don't be shy to fill out an OPS 16 and send it into

Incident Reports

From the desk of the NOO (National Operations Officer)

Brief Review of Incident Reports for March to April 2021

  • takeoff with brakes unlocked, disguised by local turbulence, ATC flight, checks done by P1
  • ATC cadet unconscious for 30 seconds, 20 mins into flight, undisclosed medical condition
  • near miss on final approach to airfield between club glider and microlight training aircraft
  • wheel-up landing on training flight, check list recited but corresponding action not taken
  • wheel-up landing on outlanding exercise, lowered wheel early then retracted to work some lift
  • "firm" landing after speed washed off too early, pilot distracted by busy airfield activity
  • tow plane commenced launch with flaps in landing position, launch aborted after radio call

For more detail you can access the full report and all back copies of the Ops Team Talking newsletter. These have now been placed on the Gliding NZ web site under News > Safety Bulletins A link to the GNZ incident reporting form (OPS 10) can be found in the very top menu bar on the GNZ homepage, just to the right of the 'Classified Adverts'. You can now fill this form out on your phone at the airfield so no excuses.

OPS 10 link:

Thanks for reading

All contributions, pics, videos and opinions welcome